Technology and Communications

Companies competing in these sectors have endured turbulent times. Challenges and opportunities abound in the hardware, software and biotech sectors as the competitive landscape changes every day. The last decade brought deregulation, a flood of data traffic and the convergence of voice and data in the Communications arena.

Many business leaders that have had success in the past are now finding it difficult to maintain their company’s flexibility to adapt quickly to the constantly shortening stages in their products’ life cycle. Making operational decisions for today that are internally consistent with the long-term strategy is difficult without the right tools. All too often, critically important resources (namely, personnel, time and cash) are badly reallocated because senior and middle management don’t fully understand the president’s strategy or how to effectively execute it.

Not all companies are finding themselves falling victim to innovation and market forces though.  Many leaders are charging ahead of the pack by using Best Practices in areas such as project management, cost containment and product design processes. These companies position themselves to become the next major players by taking over emerging niches, while defending profitable markets where they choose.

Technology and communications projects often draw on our expertise in distribution, manufacturing, and professional services. MRSI’s focus on improved performance and profitability requires a no-nonsense implementation of strategic objectives that often includes:

  • Increasing customer retention
  • Optimizing pricing policies
  • Improving supply chain management
  • Preparing for profitable growth
  • Training effective project management skills
  • Redesigning organizational structure to enhance competitiveness
  • Assisting with acquisitions, mergers and/or divestitures

We help our Technology & Communications clients compete to win, yet working with MRSI is not for everyone. Changing the mindset of your people and the processes they follow to become truly competitive is not easy.

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