Mission and Values

MRSI believes that having strong mission and values statements are the keys to developing solid relationships with clients, employees and the community. The following embody what MRSI will achieve as a responsible company in the small and medium-sized consulting marketplace:

Our Mission is to serve as a uniquely effective and professional outside resource for small and medium-sized businesses, providing implementation tools and services that enhance our clients’ efforts to reach the full potential they see for their companies.

Our Values

  1. Principled Client Service
    Open and fair interaction culminating in the delivery of promised value and the establishment of lasting, identifiable change.
  2. Principled Employment Standards
    Fair, structured, positive employment conditions for our employees.
  3. Survival of the Firm
    Meeting our operational and financial obligations.
  4. Exceptional Employment Standards
    “Superpleasing” employees through challenging assignments, career development and a strong commitment to a balanced career and lifestyle.
  5. Exceptional Consulting Value for the Client
    “Superpleasing” clients by consistently exceeding expectations and developing and maintaining long-term, rewarding relationships.
  6. Prosperity of the Firm
    Ensuring profitability and the long-term health of the organization.
  7. Transformation of the Small and Mid-Market Consulting Industry
    Challenging the small to mid-market consulting industry and emerging as the leader while delivering the highest quality consulting products in North America.

We are dedicated to all of these values. The purpose of ranking them is to provide a framework for our employees and management to use in decision-making; to ensure that pursuit of one goal shall not come at the expense of another of higher priority.

To illustrate: our firm’s survival is secondary to the fair treatment of its employees and its clients. We are not prepared to “cut corners” with clients or break a commitment to employees in order to prosper. We believe that a firm that operates in this manner does not deserve to survive.

The first value, “Principled Client Service” is our foundation. It is our belief that a consulting engagement must lead to meaningful, identifiable improvements to be successful, whether these changes are completed by our clients or with the further assistance of our company.

Accordingly, all of our programs and approaches have been designed to identify realistic improvement objectives and then measure the success throughout the benchmarking process and any other subsequent implementation.

The second goal, “Principled Employment Standards” also deserves further elaboration. We believe that consulting is only as good as the consultant. We have a strong corporate commitment to selective recruitment, continuous training and ongoing development to provide consistent and quality consulting to our clients. Training is directed at protecting client value at all times. Compensation is also centered around ensuring client satisfaction.