Every company measures revenue, but the best also measure the activities that will lead to revenue.

Without a clear distinction between and event driven sales process and an advancement driven sales process, it is difficult to project revenues and growth from year to year, let alone manage a sales force. If a key sales person leaves, the company may lose its accounts and sales skill with that departure.

Developing a sales strategy involves a customized blend of sales techniques, contact management and sales training, as well as a clear definition of success within the sales cycle. These elements, along with an overall marketing plan, will enable a company to realistically project revenues and growth from year to year.

Sales strategies need to be more than just hope – they require strong implementation and discipline.

What we often hear…

  • Good sales people are hard to find.
  • I’m not sure how to pay my sales people.
  • I feel held hostage by one or two key producers.
  • I don’t know what my customers want.
  • My advertising doesn’t work.
  • I need more consistent sales.
  • People take forever to make decisions.
  • I never really know where my sales people are or what they are doing.

We help companies establish systems that…

  • Ensure their sales process is reaching the most probable customers.
  • Identify their customer base and ensure marketing efforts to it.
  • Create a process they can teach others.
  • Design the most effective sales development program.
  • Recruit, hire and train effective sales people.
  • Manage territories and markets effectively and efficiently.
  • Track and evaluate promotional efforts and sales performance.
  • Develop responses to the most common customer questions.
  • Identify, evaluate and correct problems in their sales process.

If you’ve heard yourself complain more than once about your sales or marketing process, your salespeople or your lack of sales, perhaps it’s time to consider benchmarking. To set up an Initial Assessment meeting with a Regional Manager in your area, please contact us at