Our Process

For the past ten years, we’ve worked hard at identifying and perfecting the art of uncovering the potential for improvement and then making that potential a reality. Our methods are tried and true, our tools tested and proven. From the outside we may look like our competitors, but what we deliver clients is very different.

For one, we take pride in the fact that our clients get more than just a binder that collects dust on a shelf. Rather, they get real changes in the way that they and their staff work day in and day out to achieve best-in-class performance.

Our process involves four key elements:

Initial Assessment

MRSI’s Regional Managers are trained to assess the degree to which conditions are right for change to occur for your company. The timing is not always right for presidents to begin a change process. We have learned that unless certain key things are in place, MRSI will not assist in any change initiative.


MRSI has developed innovative tools to benchmark the most critical aspects of a business and prioritize among them. These tools make use of the methods employed by the top companies in the same industry and in related industries (called “best practices”) to close gaps between a company’s performance and its true potential.


MRSI’s implementation services provide the necessary technical advice and leadership direction to help the President and executive team accomplish the goals targeted during the benchmarking assessment phase.

Support and Maintenance

Arguably the most important stage to any successful implementation, follow-up is a responsibility taken on by both MRSI and the client to ensure changes introduced are sustained and, more importantly, built upon for continued improvement. Depending on the specific Reasons for Gaps and requirements of the client, a number of services are available.