Construction and Contracting

Outsiders have little appreciation for how difficult is to profitably grow your construction or contracting business. Sure, as the president, it is pretty manageable if you are able to be at every job site to directly oversee the work, but as you continue to get further and further removed from wearing a tool belt, it becomes exponentially more difficult to bring jobs in on time and on budget.

While many presidents are masters of their trade, they usually have lots of questions about how their most profitable competitors avoid nasty surprises like:

  • Missing out on converting verbal change orders into cash in the bank
  • Holdbacks not released because of punch lists being dragged out
  • Time wasted daily due to poor staging of materials or scheduling of equipment
  • Cost overruns on manpower and materials that always seem to appear when a project is nearly done

While there are dramatic differences in how companies approach the residential and commercial markets, many of the Best Practices that others are using to pull ahead of their competition can be readily applied to most companies in this sector very quickly.

Companies that are now experiencing higher than average returns on their investments are doing so by applying Construction and Contracting Best Practices principally in the areas of estimating, project management, scheduling and information flow to allow them to take timely corrective action.      

MRSI’s implementations produce immediate results through the design and roll out of Best Practices that include:

  • Proper change order processes to permit accurate invoicing for additional work
  • Regular scheduling and progress communication systems to allow resources to be efficiently allocated across multiple job sites
  • Improved estimating and bidding process to obtain profitable work and let you know when to walk away
  • Improved information flow into and within the office for accurate and timely invoicing.
  • Methods for accelerated collections and improving cash flow
  • Proactive project management techniques to ensure jobs run smoothly

We pride ourselves on the impressive returns we average for our Construction and Contracting clients, but working with MRSI is not for everyone. Changing the mindset of your people and the processes they follow to become truly great is not easy.

To determine if the right conditions are in place for you, please give us a call at 1-888-267-5095 in the USA or 1-416-323-0762 in Canada and ask to speak with a Benchmarking Coordinator today. Or, if you prefer, contact us by email at