Initial Assessment

Determining if the timing is right to begin any change in an organization is not an easy decision to make. Presidents need to clearly understand what the issues are, what’s important to the owner, what’s critical, what’s urgent and to what degree the company’s leadership is ready to lead their people through such an effort.

MRSI has learned that these issues must be assessed prior to any important change initiative, and we understand that many companies are not yet ready to embark on such a journey. That’s why we invest time into building a relationship with potential clients–so we may better understand their perspective.

During the Initial Assessment, a Regional Manager meets with owners to not only exchange information on what benchmarking is, how it’s used and how others have reaped the benefits, but also to assess readiness and determine compatibility with our processes and methods.

Benchmarking isn’t for everyone…it is clearly for those willing to look at why the challenges exist in the first place.  It also requires an understanding of the value of change and openness to the application of “best practices” internally.

To assess the degree to which your company might be ready for change, please contact us by email at