“… with the progress made to date … in the new Project Management Controls and Re-Org structure … we are completely satisfied with MRSI … and I personally have never been so excited about coming to work!”

Rod Rowbothom, President, onespace Unlimited Architects

“… of greatest value however, was the exercise which caused our management to examine what differentiated our company from our competition and what stood in the way to make it better for the long term.”

Harry Angus, President, H.H. Angus & Associates Limited Consulting Engineers

“With the systems implemented, we have significantly increased profits, and we are able to monitor our progress in real time. Our senior managers now function together as a Leadership Team working towards a common goal and the organizational tools developed together with our team have elevated our sense of pride and ownership!”

Kristin Crowe, CEO, T.A.S. Communications

“… rather than simply provide a standard process to follow, they provided a broad education to our team!”

R. Wilson, P. Eng., CEO,  Morrison Hershfield

“MRSI was exceptional in their ability to assess our current situation, and quickly develop a plan to implement improvements in profitability … and to hold them in place!”

Neil Goldenberg, President, Disley Food Services

“The direct and persistent style of MRSI personnel was appreciated by management and staff alike. The entire process was systematic and effectively communicated on a daily basis.”

Paul Fredricks, President, Select Food Products Limited

“The Sales Best Practices we implemented last year at the management and field level, have actually elevated average performances by an amazing 50-100%!”

Rob Vanden Broek, President, Eastern Meat Solutions

“As the result of the project, we have a less complicated and more effective organization structure….  Process improvement efforts addressed both the new product development and sales processes….  Most importantly, has been the behavioural change brought forth … managers and especially the need for commitment and accountability for their actions….  [MRSI] didn’t just tell us what to do, they helped us implement solutions.”

Vince Green, President, Adwel International Limited

“The Company engaged MRSI to “benchmark” five areas of business….  The exercise produced useful results, but, more interestingly, it identified opportunities in the overall business management of the Company….  We were impressed with the quality of people, their ability to interact with our personnel and the end result.”

Michael Schnekenburger, President and CEO, NRI Industries Incorporated

“… without exception, the sales representatives are energized by the new way of doing things.”

Ted Edgar, President, Can Ross Environmental Services