Our implementation teams work with each client using a methodical process that includes research, design, and implementation elements. This is not merely a technical process but a psychological one as well. Owners, key personnel, and employees alike do not always embrace change at first.

MRSI is as concerned with ensuring an organization will follow through on the activities required for operational improvements as they are with the design of the improvements themselves.

The benchmarking analysis assists in this regard by helping identify motivational factors and other reasons for gaps, and then setting a course for overcoming the variables that have prevented a company’s movement from where they are to where they want to be.

With an understanding in place of what it will take to get “there”, creating tools and implementing options within an organization becomes more a matter of putting tools in place and coaching leadership through change.

MRSI recognizes the process of change is a challenging one and is willing to take on the responsibility under the right conditions, but we know that not every benchmarking analysis will go into implementation. Significant change in results comes from significant change in behavior, and not everyone is up to the challenge.

When the conditions are right, however, our implementation staff works side-by-side with your people on your shop floor, in your boardroom, and on your work site to implement valuable lasting change.