Support and Maintenance

The biggest concern for any engagement is that people will revert to more familiar–and less effective–ways of conducting business. MRSI understands this and ensures rigorous follow-up activities (for both the client and MRSI) are built into the period that follows the on-site activities.

This takes shape in many ways including:

  • Follow up on detailed implementation schedules with the client’s staff
  • MRSI’s on-call availability by phone, fax or e-mail
  • Regular communications from MRSI’s Follow-Up Services team
  • Scheduled visits by the consulting team to assess the current state of the implementation and input on how to “fine tune” the process

Often the clients that are the most committed to our support services arrangements graduate earlier than the standard twelve months. Why?  Because through this process, our clients often find that all of the key processes our implementation staff installed are now a habit and part of the company’s culture, leaving the company’s leadership free to focus on the motivational elements of fine-tuning their company. The objective of lasting change is achieved and the support services arrangement becomes unnecessary.