Business Services

The business services sector is faced with a range of difficulties; managing seasonal swings in demand, an increasing emphasis on bidding rather than relationship sales, an evolving consumer base using the Internet, and the threat of giant national companies entering your market, to name a few. Presidents of small to medium-sized companies are often left to their own devices to safeguard against difficulties such as these, while larger, better funded competitors get access to tried and true Best Practices.

In is not uncommon for presidents to be left wondering about such things as:

  • How can I scale up and scale down my personnel in response to market conditions?
  • What is my break-even point and how is it affected if my materials prices spike?
  • How will I find the most profitable customers for my company?
  • How can I price my work profitably given the uncertainty in bidding and estimating?
  • How can I get my staff to complete jobs/projects on time?
  • What is the best way to set up a referral-based business?

Not all owners and presidents in the business services arena feel largely at the mercy of market conditions. Those leaders that are driving their companies to excel beyond the majority of the group are doing so by applying Best Practices that have a proven track record of results.

MRSI has researched and documented what business leaders of larger companies already know, and over the past decade, we have been implementing these Best Practices with presidents in the small to medium sized market. Presidents see immediate results when we work directly with their personnel, since it allows us to fast track the implementation of systems such as:

  • Scheduling and resource planning tools to ensure operations run smoothly
  • Sales pipeline systems to increase predictability and growth of revenue
  • Estimating systems to drive profitable bidding
  • Financial controls to accelerate cash flow and provide management with a budgetary roadmap for profitable growth
  • Measurement systems to make staff accountable for the profitability of their work
  • Inventory control to ensure supplies are available while freeing up cash

Working with MRSI is not for everyone. Changing the mindset of your people and the processes they follow to become truly competitive is not easy undertaking.

To determine if the right conditions are in place for you, please give us a call at 1-888-267-5095 in the USA or 1-416-323-0762 in Canada and ask to speak with a Benchmarking Coordinator today. Or, if you prefer, contact us by email at