Hiring, Training & Motivating

Management is the ability to get things done efficiently through other people in the same (or better!) manner that you would do it yourself. Without the appropriate accountability systems in place, many companies experience a high turnover rate, perceived favoritism, low morale, and as a result, low productivity.

Many times an employee’s abilities are mismatched to their job type. Lacking the correct policies for screening, hiring, terminating, and regulating employee conduct exposes the company to possible lawsuits.

The implementation of accountability best practices, however, reduces turnover, which can reduce cost. They contribute to establishing a unique and positive culture, maintaining high morale, decreasing exposure to legal action, regulatory penalties and other negative events.

Similarly, lack of a consistent training program can lead to lost time and lower productivity. Without proper training, the quality of the product or service delivered will be reduced while labor cost increases.

Attracting and training the right people, however, will increase confidence, increase morale and greatly decrease the cost of lost time, equipment damage and rework. Adding cross training reduces lost productivity if a key employee leaves the company—the business becomes more system-dependent than people-dependent.

What we sometimes hear…

  • There just aren’t enough good people to go around.
  • My people keep making the same mistakes.
  • I do things that other people should be doing.
  • I seem to keep hiring the wrong person for that position.
  • My staff spends too much time surfing the Internet.
  • There’s no loyalty among workers in my business…they’ll leave for an extra buck an hour.
  • I’ve got one great producer, but the rest are just here for a paycheck.

We help companies establish systems that…

  • Attract and then select the right people for key positions.
  • Train people to excel.
  • Give people the systems and processes that let them shine in their position.
  • Utilize an organizational structure of the business that operates efficiently in the owner’s absence.
  • Build an effective training program that serves their unique needs.
  • Measure and monitor the right things for maximum productivity and retention.
  • Assist management in using things beyond dollars to engage and motivate their people.
  • Define managerial duties, authorities and responsibilities, so people can be accountable.
  • Help leaders coach, train and motivate individuals for the optimal work environment.

If you’ve heard yourself complain more than once about your company’s lack of accountability or your inability to find the right people, perhaps it’s time to consider benchmarking. To set up an Initial Assessment meeting with a Regional Manager in your area, please contact us at benchmarking@mrsiconsulting.com.