About Us

MRSI at a Glance

Management Research and Solutions, Inc. is a full-service benchmarking and change management firm committed to delivering lasting change in small and medium-sized businesses across the United States and Canada. Researching best practices from multiple industries, we take companies from where they are now to where they want to be, so they may achieve their goals and fully actualize their potential.

  • MRSI has an unparalleled track record of successful implementation of lasting change solutions.
  • MRSI owes its success to an identifiably unique approach that typically accesses every operational layer of our client’s organization to create and support change solutions.
  • MRSI assists clients to achieve results through the design and implementation of superior processes that are still in place 12-24 months after the initial implementation.

Proven Methods

  • The MRSI “Finish Line.” Our commitment extends well beyond traditional 3rd party engagements which materially impacts all of our interactions, especially implementation design and methodology.
  • Avoiding the Cookie-Cutter Approach to Implementation. MRSI drives implementations using Best Practice Principles rather than a blind adherence to the best practices themselves.  This flexibility allows for highly customized solutions that enjoy higher ownership and are extremely effective.
  • Inclusive, Nurturing, Educational Style. Unique combination of buy-in style and educational methodology generates solutions that are better understood and deeply compatible with existing cultures. This translates into solutions that enjoy broad acceptance.
  • Bottom Line: Incredibly Effective Solutions and Lasting Results.

Practical Solutions

  • Bottom Line Focus: Were the intended results achieved?
  • Monitor and Maintain Compliance through the 12-24 months post-implementation period.
  • Establish Organizational Memory: Customized Best Practice methods are in place and consistently and enthusiastically followed.
  • Establish Organizational Learning Structures that identify and transfer skill sets to maintain and continue improvement after the initial implementation.
  • Ensure Corporate Culture is in harmony with implemented activities and systems.